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The Trusted Roofer is one of the most popular brands that can help you solve Carlisle roofing services. We have more than a decade of experience in offering home improvement services.  

Carlisle is one of the leading manufacturers of Carlisle roofing systems. It offers one of the most authentic and lasting light weighted Carlisle TPO products that are easy to seam and connect. 

If you go out for TPO roofing, the roof will sustain multiple attacks and damages for years. That is the reason we are offering the services of Carlisle Services.

This company produces

What’s a Carlisle?

Carlisle Companies is an innovative firm popularly known for energy-efficient solutions and building envelope products that help to manufacture sustainable roofing and other building components. With the help of construction materials and collaboration with leading brands, 

The Trusted Roofer offers environmentally friendly Carlisle products for long-term solutions for their customers.

Moreover, the products of Carlisle reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses and better energy conservation which helps to reduce and save costs on electricity bills and also increase the overall life of the buildings.

Finally, The Trusted Roofer offers Carlisle’s services as it provides rich products for Aerospace, Medical Technologies, and Fluid Technologies (CFT) business segments, along with General Industrial markets through our Interconnect Technologies (CIT) and other disciplines.

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National average cost $14,090
Average range $12,050-$15,900
Minimum cost $11,090
Maximum cost $19,000

Carlisle Roofing Pros

Some of the major of Carlisle TPO roofing are listed below:

  1. Durability

The most significant feature of the Carlisle roof products is the excellent resistance to weathering conditions. For example, it can resist temperature, hot and cold or rainy weather, and also it can resist intense ultraviolet radiation.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Another unique feature is that Carlisle roofings are energy efficient, especially in warmer and southern climates.

  1. Choice of Colors

If you look at Carlisle TPO details, you will see that this roofing is available in three standard colors with five shades or specialty colors, which you will not find in other brands.

  1. High-performance

The membranes of the product are 80 mils thick, and the warranty for this membrane is approximately 30 years; these TPO membranes have long-term weathering attributes.

  1. Ultraviolet Resistance

The Carlisle TPO can resist the attack of ultraviolet rays and high temperatures for a more extended period, which helps keep the building temperature moderate with longer lasting for roofing materials.

Carlisle Roofing Cons

Besides significance, there are drawbacks listed down:

  • Temperature

Setting or installing the polyurethane foam is mandatory when the temperature is 40 degrees Celsius. According to Carlisle roofing details, the foam will not cure and be adequately set if the temperature is somewhat below. 

This foam is very distinctive from PVC  or TPO, which can be set during cold weather with the help of the weld.

  • Overspray

Another problem can be accused of oversampling. This problem is usually associated with the Carlisle roof. Oversharing the form would be a problem. When spraying the form, make sure you use cardboard to prevent excessive foam spray, especially around the edges, so that the person on the roadside is not affected. 

Using cardboard will result in no overspray on the roof or the person walking down the sidepath.

  • Dryness

Another drawback of the Carlisle roof is that it can only be installed when completely dry. The roof is wet and not dried properly. The spray form will cause irregularity for the Carlisle membrane to the roof.

  • Completely Clean

Another detriment of the feedback roof is that the top must be clean from all sorts of impurities, dust, and other things for proper installation. If the roof contains even a minute amount of debris/rock/soil/wetness, the foam will be appropriately bound with the roof surface and won’t make a good seal.

This can be more irritating if you tear off the previous layer before Carlisle roofing contractors put it on the Carlisle roof. The presence of dirt will create problems. But if you’ve worked with The Trusted Roofer, then you don’t have to worry about this. 

Brief Overview of Carlisle Roofing Products

Here, we have listed some of the critical Carlisle roofing products and Carlisle roofing materials, along with some components and their particular services:

  • EPDM 

The very first on the list is the Carlisle EPDM. EPDM is an abbreviation for Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer. It has a long history of 58 years. This roofing product is successful for several reasons: flexibility, lasting, resistance to harmful UV rays, and resist hail damage. 

With dark color, EPDM saves the overall heating cost, and with fair color, EPDM roof helps with cooling properties and cost.

  • TPO

The Carlisle TPO, or members of thermoplastic polyolefin, is the following. This is the most significant element in the whole commercial roping industry, and only Carlisle is well-versed in TPO. Because it contains heat-welded solid seams, a robust reflective coating, and a top-tier OctaGuard XT weathering package, this improves long-term weathering characteristics and performance; the Carlisle TPO membrane is one of the best choices for roofing many infrastructure structures.

  • PVC

Thirdly, there are PVC roofing products. This roof is made of polyvinyl chloride. A single-ply membrane that is chemically unreactive and has provided protection since its first debut in the market in 1960. PVC is the most common and popular roof as the price range is economical among the different users and consultants. As mentioned, they can defy multiple attacks of chemicals, grease, fire, and puncture, making them the most purchased building roofing product.

  • Carlisle

Carlisle membrane has excellent resistance to puncture and approximately 75% fewer seams than roofing systems made of bitumen material.

  • Other Components And Specialty of Carlisle

Besides Carlisle, roofing details are Flashings & Accessories, Plates & Fasteners, Insulation, Adhesives, Primers, Sealants, Coatings, Air and Vapor Barriers, GeoMembrane, Roof Garden & Pavers, VacuSeal, Multiple-Ply.

Carlisle TPO Cost: Materials and Installation

The cost of The Trusted Roofing for Carlisle services is reasonable. The name of Trusted Roofers itself is enough to trust, with no need for a Carlisle roofing warranty. However, these TPO roofs cost almost $7.50- $14.50 per square foot.

If you are going for a regular-size TPO roof of about 1200 square feet using TPO membrane, then the cost would be $9000 – $17400, and it varies depending on the scope of the projects.

However, there are multiple variables, like the contractors and the location of your properties. The cost mentioned is only for non-steep roofs for single or double-story buildings. This cost encapsulated the cost of supplies and materials required to perform roofing with clearance of up to one layer in the case of EPDM rubber.

Another essential factor you need to look after is the successful installation and warranty of the particle roof. A minimum 5-year warranty is a must. Perform a proper calculation before installing the TPO membrane on your roof.

What do Roofers think About Carlisle TPO?

Roofers have multiple thoughts in mind in the case of Carlisle Syntec EPDM. The first thought quality of the roofing is premium; besides its complexity, it is pretty easy to install. Many Professional contractors have appreciated its quality, elasticity, affordable price, and quick response.

When is Carlisle the Right Choice for Your Home?

Carlisle EPDM is the impeccable and ideal roofing choice for any climate due to its water resistance capacities. However, it is also a great option due to its low price with the best quality roof and long-term warranty, a safe option for homeowners.

Carlisle FAQ:

What is a Carlisle roof?

The Carlisle rubber roof is a sustainable flat roof type of membrane that helps the building last longer and withstand the attack of chemicals, intense heat, and cold by increasing the overall performance of the building.

What is Carlisle SynTec?

Carlisle SynTec pledges to provide the best resource for roofing the commercial space, and it helps the architects and specifiers to make decisions about the best type of roofing system.

Moreover, Carlisle Syntec EPDM guarantees the best industrial protection, repairing all leaks from any cause to enhance the life span of the buildings.

If you are interested in ordering the Carlisle roofing services, contact us at The Trusted Roofing. Our team will revert to you in 24 hours.

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