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The Trusted Roofer is one of the leading firms that provide professional Genflex roofing services at your doorstep. It includes Genflex roofing installation and repair work. 

But why are we offering Genflex Roofing for your house? 

Genflex has the best and the most premium products. The lightweight and long-lasting Genflex TPO are very simple to connect and seam, and they can sustain the attack of multiple chemical reactions due to rise and fall in temperature for decades. 

Due to this reason, we recommend our customers go for this Genfelx roofing service option.

This company produces

What’s a Genflex?

If you date back to 1915, the roots lie with General Tire. Initially, the business was related to polymers and reinforced plastics. However, with time, Genflex has evolved with better services and research and has come up with better solutions for roofing systems meeting the current market requirement.

Genflex roofing products are environmentally friendly and long-lasting products. The quality of these products and the process of making them are pretty simple. We have updated our services which helps in the quick installation of roofs.

Genflex warranty products. It’s one of the reliable brands that have solved contractor worries with simple roofing installation and the products that it offers to enhance the shell life of the structure.

Here’s what happens next
National average cost $13,250
Average range $11,000-$15,320
Minimum cost $10,000
Maximum cost $17,000

Genflex EPDM Pros

There are multiple advantages of using the Genflex EPDM, and some significant benefits are listed below:

  • Toughness

One of the significant features of Genflex roofing is that the single-ply membrane is robust and can withstand multiple shocks and attacks/impacts, punctures, and the weight of snow and other traffic. 

  • Durability

The durability of the Genflex roofing products is that they can resist the harmful effect of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation during hot days.

  • Reliable 

The products are reliable, with great flexibility and elasticity. That’s why it’s one of the most reliable options in home improvement services.

  • Ultraviolet Resistance 

The Genflex TPO membrane is pretty thick, which means the effect of ultraviolet radiation is available, which helps to last the roof for decades.

  • High-performance

The rugged and thick membrane warranties great longevity with better weathering features.

Genflex EPDM Cons

Besides benefits, there are multiple drawbacks that you need to bear in mind while using Genflex products and services:

  • Leaks in EPDM Roof 

There are multiple leakages in the EPDM roof. There may be many reasons for leakage, like a puncture in the single-ply membrane, shrinkage in the material, improper installation of the roof, and wrinkles that expand into the roofing seams.

  • Repairing Punctures or Multiple Dents in EPDM Membrane

EPDM membrane can easily be damaged by falling tree branches or animal attacks, weathering action. However, it is tough sometimes when it faces the attack of a particular trade.

  • Patching Bubbles and Blisters in EPDM Roof

Another common issue in an EPDM roof is bubbling or blistering. This is due to the formation of vapor from the bond adhesive. These adhesives are applied across the perimeter of the roof, a sign they are solvent-based gasses released from it, so it is essential to use and smoother it properly before it is dried.

Brief Overview of Genflex Roofing Products

Genflex offers several roofing products. We have listed all the essential products it offers:

  • EPDM Membranes

EPDM is an abbreviation of Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer suitable for commercial buildings. Then we offer AFR EPDM, AFR, and FRM EPDM membranes and, finally, the Self-Adhered EPDM membrane. The essential function is slight variation in strength, elasticity, and much more.

  • Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO)

The Genflex TPO installation is simple and is attached mechanically and ballasted for building insulation on the commercial building. However, Genflex TPO membranes are made of polymers, rubbers like polypropylene, reinforced particular fabric, or other materials.

  • Polyiso

Another unique product is the most economical insulating product for roofing with excellent insulating properties, energy saving, and accessible installation features. It has different versions/families like GenFlex GL ISO,  GenFlex CG ISO, GenFlex HD ISO, and others.

  • Accessories

Besides Genflex roofing details, Genflex offers multiple accessories like adhesives, fasteners, screws, different types of sealants and primers, and much more. It is available on The Trusted Roofer visit to find the complete details.

Genflex EPDM Cost: Materials and Installation

Suppose you want to know The Trusted Roofer Genflex TPO installation and material cost. 

First, you must understand the costs depend on different factors. The cost varies due to this structure’s roof pitch, location, and design.

On average, the roofing material costs between $6,000 – $18,000 but may exceed $24,000. However, the Genflex EPDM roofing material price can be expected to be around $3.25 – $14.75 per square foot with material and its installation.

What do Roofers Think About Genflex EPDM?

Many roofers think of going after Genflex EPDM, here’s why:

  • Complete Coverage

Complete coverage is one of the uniqueness, and every edge is covered with a proper adhesive bond that avoids any leakage, which helps to save time and enhance the roofing system’s longevity.

  • Enhances Owners Confidence

Secondly, it boosts the level of confidence of the owners. There are no foul odor or coloration problems when installing the EPDM or TPO membrane. Check the Genflex TPO warranty for a long-term secure roofing system with no effect of any chemical, weather, or denting problems.

  • Quick Reaction to Emergency Jobs

With quick installation, the roofers can perform the job quickly. This helps them to achieve more duties. Further, the roof can be installed at a low temperature of -7°C and rising, which is quite helpful.

When is Genflex the Right Choice for Your Home?

No matter what the temperature is, Genflex can be utilized at an ambient temperature of 20 degrees celsius or even at -7 degrees Celcius. Another right time for choosing Genflex is when significant dents or leakage problems bound you to use Genflex. The thick coating will preserve your roof for many years.

If the customer is unsure when they need this roofing, The Trusted Roofer will help you! 

The Trusted Roofer only offers services and products that it trusts the most, like Genflex. Once you’ve contacted our team, we will let you know whether it’s the right time for this roofing system. 

Genflex FAQs

What is Genflex EPDM?

Genflex EPDM comprises a single-ply thick membrane made of rubber that can withstand multiple tears, dentists, punctures, and damages. Moreover, it provides excellent resistance to ozone and ultraviolet radiation, keeping the roof’s longevity for centuries.

What is the Average Cost of A Genflex EPDM Roof?

The average cost of the Genflex EPDM roof is about $3.25 – $14.75 per square foot for the material and installations. In most cases, the average price may be reduced to $4.5 – $5.5 per square foot, which is why The Trusted Roofer relies on Genlex services for outstanding longevity toughness.

How Many Years Does A Genflex EPDM Roof Last?

Genflex roofing system warranties 20 years of lasting. However, in the case of the material, it offers an almost endless approximately doubling of 40 years. As a result, it has become one of the prevalent roofing service industries.

If you believe in our service, please contact The Trusted Roofer. Our team will contact you after a certain period and assist you with the Genflex roofing systems that last for decades.

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