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If you are looking for a specific roof type, you are at the right place. The Trusted Roofer provides services in multiple types of roofs. For instance, the Slate roof is popular with a long and old history.

Moreover, the quality of the slate roof is authentic, and with the help of The Trusted Roofer team, it is straightforward to install despite many complexities. For any type of Slate, roof longevity is not even a question to ask, and the slate roof cost of any kind is pretty reasonable. 

What is the Slate Roof?

If you need to become more familiar with what is a Slate roof? Let me tell you, the Slate roof has a very diverse and long historical background. It is the most premium type of roof. 

Slate roof lifespan is pretty impressive with the authentic slate roofing material you ever find in the market; however it is not the ideal type, many people face difficulties while installing as they don’t hire authentic slate roofing contractors, or maybe some strength issues.

How Much Does a Slate Roof Cost?

There are a number of factors that vary the cost of the Slate roof. These factors are the dimension of the property or the infrastructure. There is a direct relationship between the roof area and the slate roof tiles. If the site is significant, the slate tiles will increase, and the longer it will take to complete.

Here, we have listed some costs below:

  • Cost of Material: The cost of materials or supplies required for slate roofing is $3,500 – $6,000.
  • Labour Pay: Labour typically charges $300 – $500 per day, but it may vary depending on the size of the property and work scope.
  • Cost Per Square: The cost per square foot is $10-$20 for soft slate, and for herald slate roof, it surges to $20-$30.

Cost Of Accessories: For additional material the price range is $2 to $5 per square foot for additional material. These usually include nails, copper flashings, sheathings, and others.

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National average cost $35,250
Average range $26,310-$39,040
Minimum cost $24,000
Maximum cost $50,000

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Synthetic Slate Roofing Cost vs. Natural Slate

There is probably two types of Slate roof Offered at The Trusted Roofer:

  1. Synthetic Slate Roofing

The first type is the synthetic slate roof that costs around $5-$13 per square foot for repair. Synthetic material is usually a blend of different materials like plastic and rubber. For synthetic Material, the repair is often termed as replacing the slate roof shingles or maybe two. Depending on the material, the lifespan varies for rubber slate roofing or plastic. For instance, Synthetic Slate is

  • A little more expensive than the natural type of slate 
  • It has excellent strength compared to stone. For the slight dent to damage, it is not recommended to change the slate
  • Suitable for non-steeper slopes.

As mentioned, synthetic slate comes in two sorts:

  • Synthetic slate roofing costs asphalt shingle and the repair costs are about $600-$1600. This type is usually in the form of a shaky style which is very rare and mostly appears to inform asphalt that can last for more than 30 years.
  • The next one is the rubber slate style which costs around $300-$1000. This complex slate is made of rubber and plastic, and along with some recycled material, the longevity of this composite slate roof is commendable. It lasts approximately more than 80 years.

  2. Natural Slate Roof

The second type of slate comes naturally. A roof made of natural slate costs you around $5-$15 per square foot, which is $2 more than a synthetic type of slate. The installation cost of natural slate is much more than synthetic, but the repair cost is identical. Since this material has no blended material, it lasts for 200 years.

However, if the roofing is appropriately sustained, it will last 4 times more than synthetic material. On the lower side of the roof, the possibility of deterioration is pretty slow.

How much does it cost to have roofing replaced in my city?
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New Roof or Replacement Cost

The cost of installing a new roof and replacement depends on a few factors. Let’s have a look:

   1. Slate Roof Installation Cost

The cost of labor for slate roof installation is about $5-$15 per square foot or $50-$100 per hour. But when it comes to natural slate, the labor cost increases as the labor needs vast knowledge for its installation, proper skill, and guidance. 

For this purpose, The Trusted Roofer is the best in dealing with natural slate. The natural slate is installed in 10-12 hours, and this time is just for one square.

On the other hand, synthetic slate roofing costs you only $3-$5 because the work and skill for installation are straightforward.

  2. Cost to Replace a Slate Roof

The second cost is related to the replacement cost. Approximately $30 at max per square foot is recommended for the installation of the new roof and an additional $5 to remove the old roof. 

Similarly, if you need to dispose of the discarded material, the cost of fuel up to the local landfill site will be counted. If the landfill site is too far, then the price will increase. On average, dumpers cost $300-$500 but the rate increases with an increase in distance.

Additional Material (tools) Costs to Install a Slate Roof

Aster is insulating and replacing costs, and we have the additional material tools required to install the roof. These additional materials cost only $5, almost per square foot, depending on the requirement and location of the roof. The necessary steps and materials you need are

  • Bituminous membrane.
  • Weather Shield to safeguard the roof from different weathering conditions.
  • Copper flashings and nails.
  • Structural support is essential for the roof.
  • Sheathing.

Slate Roof Types

There are multiple types of roofs, and here we have listed some of them:

  • Standard (Uniform) Slate Roofs

The first type is the Uniform Slate roof, whose standard length ranges between 0.25” and 0.375” with a width equal to square cut butts. 

  • Patterned Slate Roofs

Using different colors and design attributes, multiple brands and patterns can be created using slate tile on the roof, which forms the modern slate roof. This pattern can be in the form of geometrical patterns, dates, words or names, and floral, uplifting the house’s beauty. 

  • Random Width Slate Roofs

The attribute of the standard slate installation is similar to random-width slate. They are usually placed in courses to provide an adequate joint offset.

  • Multicolored (Blended) Slate Roofs

When the slate roof is available in different shades and tones, which may be distinct from the colonial slate roof but aesthetically look great, although this can be done with a uniform slate when it comes to multiple color slates, there is a lot of variation and width available.

  • Graduated Length Slate Roofs

Slate roof professionals are recommended to install slate with distinctive lengths and widths. It takes a while to sort and install the slate with the longest dimension. The small and the most narrow slat are usually placed at the top side, carrying less water compared to the length, which has more water. 

  • Graduated Length / Graduated Thickness Slate Roofs

Slate with 3,4 or subsequent thickness can easily be encapsulated into the graduated length. The thickest and largest length is usually provided at the eaves. The slate provided at the eaves is usually 1” thick or maybe more, and at the top, the thickness of the slate is 3/16”. 

  • Textural Slate Roofs

Another type of slate is the non-burnished slate roof. These are non-textured rough slate roofs. It comes in varying thicknesses placed adjacent to one another, providing a rough appearance.

  • Hang-down (Staggered Butt) Slate Roofs

Another way to use the slate roof is to use the slate with the longest dimension with heads within the exact alignment, and the extending length of the slate crosses the butt of the other slate, which creates a staggered butt slate roof.

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Some of the significant benefits of applying a slate roof are listed below:

  • Appearance

Initially, the first thing that house owners go after is the final result or the appearance of their house. The appearance only glows with classical and multiple-tone-type of slate roofing tiles. There are many slate roofing companies near me, and these roofing firms will assist you with the best shade. There are multiple ranges of color-like tiles with various colors blended, including grey, green, purple, black, red, and mottled tiles.

  • Longevity

The last of the slate roof is typically higher than any other type of slate, but this requires proper slate roof maintenance to ensure longevity. The normal last of the slate roof is about 150 years which is more than a century if properly installed.

  • Fire Resistance

Another unique feature of the slate is that it has fire resistance properties. Besides slate roof waterproofing properties, these tiles are now available with fireproof properties, preventing the burning of the material in case of any mishap.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Every year more than 5% percent of the roofing waste is dumped onto the landfill side. This roofing can be used for asphalt shingle roofing, which requires replacement after 30 years at max, which is beneficial for the environment and lasts approximately a century or maybe more.


The most significant feature of slate roof tile is the high installation and slate roof replacement cost. Besides the cost problem, other factors are mandatory for the homeowner to look after. These are:

  • Weight

Another critical factor is the weight of a slate roof. The ideal weight for the best synthetic slate roofing is 800-1500 pounds per 100 square feet. So make sure that standard width must be sustained.

  • Durability

The durability of the slate tile is another problem with slate roofing. Whether synthetic slate roof tiles or composite slate roof tiles, durability is always an issue. There may be a time when someone climbs and the roof busts down, causing severe damage to the roof and the person, so avoid using a low-slate solid roof.

  • Poor Installation

If the slate roof is not installed correctly, the life of the roof will probably be reduced. This roof type requires unique experience and can’t be installed by any inexperienced team. That’s why one of the significant disadvantages of this is the poor installation by the contractor. You must hire a professional with expertise in a particular field.

  • Cost

Many slate roofing companies other than The Trusted Roofer offer high installation charges and material costs. Many people avoid slate roofing because it turns out of their budget.

Slate Roof Maintenance and Cleanings

Using an average slate roof is not easy to clean as they are waterproof and cleaved. There may be a high chance that particular debris or moss starts to grow and hold the moisture. So it is not advisable to use ammonium chemical or chlorine bleach for roof cleaning. This chemical will harm the copper parts present in the slate roof.

Furthermore, this harmful chemical can turn the copper black, causing discoloration. Moreover, even if you are using a water jet that doesn’t use high-pressurized water, it can harm the tiles, the tiles will break apart, and then later, it will cause leakage problems in the house.

Slate Alternatives (and why)

Every homeowner doesn’t go after slate roofs for several reasons, but the optimistic side is that they are using a new type of roof similar to the slate type. Some alternative types of slate roofs are listed below:

  • Concrete roof: The best alternative for slate roofing is concrete roofing. The mixture of aggregates coarse and refined, with filler and additives, helps with better functionality and lasting is a little more than slate roofing.
  • Copper Roof: In the case of copper roofing, this metal roofing can withstand high wind pressure, which is not possible for slate roofing, and it can sustain freezing and thaw and does not rust easily.
  • Shingles Roof: Another alternative is shingles which are variable in multiple colors and made of recycled roofing material, making them aesthetically more suitable for roofing with lightweight and better durability.

Should You Install a Slate Shingle Roof?

Slate shingle roof lasts for decades. If you plan to live in a particular house for more than 30 years, you can use it for slate roofing. Going with a slate shingle roof for shorter periods is not recommended because it may cost you more, even more than the release value.

For instance, if you are just concerned about the appearance of the slate, then you simply go for the recycled rubble slate for your roof, which is made of 80 percent old tires and other post-consumer rubber items. Rubber slate is no doubt an eco-friendly material used in slate roofing. The lecture, appearance, cost, and thickness are very lightweight with fewer drawbacks.

Rubber slate roofing is very weightless compared to usual reals slate, but not a disadvantage of rubber slate roofs is that they are not fireproof. They can easily catch fire, but the difficulty of these slates is commendable. They will split slowly.

DIY Slate Roof Installation vs. Hiring a Pro

Step back if you’re not trained or skilled craftsman to install a roof. 

If you think installing the slate roof is as simple as installing the asphalt roof, then it’s not. You need multiple roof slate-cutting tools and equipment to deal with slate tiles on your roof. The entire process is complex, requiring extensive knowledge to perform the duty. 

If you do it alone, you may make the process more difficult and complex. So, it’s better to save time and money and hire a professional team like The Trusted Roofer.

The Trusted Roofer has the best service and employees for installing the roof so you can be stress-free about any catastrophic damage to your house. The Trusted Roofer employees are certified, and the employees are only hired after a proper process.

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How Long Does A Slate Roof Last?

Natural slates last more than 2300 years at max, while soft slates last about 50-125 years.

How Much Does A Slate Roof Cost?

The average installation price of the Slate roof is about $5,096-$21,848, which varies concerning the steepness of the roof, the pitch, and the property size. You are required to pay $10-$30 per square foot or $3,000 approx per square in the case of a single-story building.

How Expensive Is A Slate Roof?

It costs about $20,745 to $37,460 to install a slate roof, but for the year 2022, the national average installation cost of a slate roof is $29,100. The tiles cost you around $6.90-$12.50 per square foot to install, which is pretty expensive for many homeowners.

Is A Slate Roof Worth It?

Slate roofs are mostly recommended for historical houses or colonies with the same features as roof topping. Natural, synthetic materials last more than 100 years, are environmentally friendly and do not contribute to global warming, and less material is dumped in landfill. But asphalt waste lasts for only 20-30 years at max. After that, you need to replace the roof again, which is not an environmentally friendly roofing material.

How Do You Know When To Replace Slate Roof?

There are some signs which tell you to replace the slate roof: If you notice that the shingles are lost or missing from your rooftop, it means the span life of the slate has ended time for a new one; Discoloration in the slate tiles, due to the action of different chemicals, it's time to replace them with new material; Broken Shingles may lead to leakages, so quickly come up with a solution; Moss Or Other Organic Growth like moss or debris can prevent cracks and holes. Leaks may be due to the edges or space being broadened.

How Are Slate Roofs Attached?

Slates are nailed at either center or near the top of it. When the slate is covered or attached from the top, they are covered by two states causing less exposure, but for the center line, the exposure area is much more than you anticipate. If you are looking for “slate roofing contractors near me,” call The Trusted Roofer. We recommend the best type of Slate Roof, which is highly durable, less costly, and with great longevity.
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Building a brand-new roof on a home costs $10,000 to $20,000 or more, depending on the products you use. This installation involves the cost of new framing and trusses, underlayment and shingles, and supplies and labor. Metal framing costs more than wood.

Written by Matthew Rozanski
Updated: April 6, 2021

Building a brand-new roof on a home costs $10,000 to $20,000 or more, depending on the products you use. This installation involves the cost of new framing and trusses, underlayment and shingles, and supplies and labor. Metal framing costs more than wood.

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