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Are you fed up with roof repairs and want yours to stay longer? If yes, metal roofs could be the ideal option for you. The Trusted Roofer has qualified to provide homeowners with high-end metal roofs at a competitive price. We are efficient in working with different materials and designs of metal roofs.

Are they interested to know more about it? Let’s dive right into the details.

Why Are Metal Roofs So Popular Nowadays?

The price of every type of roofing material goes up each year. In many circumstances, labor costs are increasing faster than material prices.

That’s why those who go for a durable roof aren’t competing with everyone else for roofing jobs in the neighborhood. This saves them money over time by preventing the need for a new roof or frequent repairs. In addition, they protect themselves from the long-term effects of inflation and price escalation by investing in the present rather than waiting till later.

If a homeowner plans to stay in their current home for at least one more roofing cycle, then upgrading to a metal roof is a financially sound choice. This expenditure now will prevent additional expenses down the road. 

Average Metal Roof Cost

It is a fact that the price of a roof made of metal is usually higher than that of a roof made of asphalt shingles. However, it has a longer shelf life. A metal roof cost can vary from $5,300 to $14,700 on average. 

On average, you should spend roughly $10,000 at the midpoint of this range as a minimum amount. You can say the average cost of metal roofing per square foot might range from $5.3 to $714, which varies with the material of metal roofing chosen.

Many factors significantly impact this, including the size of the roof, roofing material, fastener type, and the roof’s pitch. 

The following chart provides an overview of the typical costs associated with installing a metal roof in the USA.

Here’s what happens next
National average cost $10,000
Average range $5,300 – $14,700
Minimum cost $4,500
Maximum cost $12,000
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Metal Roofing Prices Per Square: Sheet vs. Panel

Metal roofs are available in sheets and panels. However, the metal roof cost per square foot varies for the different types of metal roofing. 

  • Sheet

Fabricated from metals like stainless steel or aluminum, sheet metal roofing sheets have much fewer bends. Corrugated metal roofing sheets are coated with zinc for corrosion resistance. The second coating of chromatic acid, which inhibits rust, is then applied for reinforcement.

Galvanized metal roofing cost per sheet is $150 to $350, while galvalume costs $75 to $200 per square.

  • Standing Seam

Metal roof panels, formed into a continuous seam, are used to construct standing seam roofs. A standing seam roof makes excellent use of the fact that its fasteners are out of sight. Standing seam metal roofing is highly advantageous since it conceals all fasteners from view.

Standing seam metal roof cost is between $2.00 to $5.00 per sq ft.

The Average Material Cost of a Metal Roof

Roofing “sheets” are measured as a square, every 100 square feet. It is crucial to remember that sheets will be used in any metal roof material cost estimate provided by your roofing contractor. Metal roofing comes in a wide variety of styles and price points. 

Below, we’ve included brief descriptions of some of the most common types of metal roofs.

Steel (And Stainless Steel) Roofing Prices per Square

Among the earliest metal roofing materials used in the United States, steel was widely adopted. Steel roofs can be galvanized (zinc-coated steel) or galvalume (aluminum-covered steel), giving buildings a durable and weather-resistant appearance reminiscent of rural America. The price per square for galvanized steel roofing ranges from $150 to $350, whereas galvalume costs between $75 and $200.

Stainless steel is an exclusive material that will keep your house safe for 50 to 100 years. It’s great for preventing rust and wearing well and retains its polished, high-end sheen for years. This elegance ranges from $600 to $1,650 per square of stainless steel roofing.


A zinc coating on steel creates a strong, long-lasting, and energy-saving roofing material. Galvanized metal roof cost per square ranges from $150 to $350. It is resistant to impact denting (making it a good choice for places prone to hail) and acquires a patina over time.


Galvalume, like steel, is composed of a steel core coated with a zinc-aluminum alloy. At $75-$200 per square, it’s cheaper than galvanized material but still offers improved corrosion resistance over standard steel.

Tin Roof (Terne)

A tin roof is evocative of simpler times when such roofs were standard in rural homes. Terne, a material coated with tin but with a steel core, is currently the most widely used material. Still, the roof’s attractive gray patina that develops over time is a plus. The average cost of metal roof installing a tin roof ranges from $300 to $1,500 per square.

Aluminum (with Insulated Aluminum Roof Panels)

An aluminum roof can cost anywhere from $150 to $600 per square, with the price per square being significantly lower for sheets than for shingles. 

Aluminum is one of the most energy-efficient roofing materials since it is naturally reflective, flexible, and recyclable. Roof panels made of aluminum and foam are advertised as being suitable for use as patio or porch roofs. These insulated panels are sold in do-it-yourself packages for $3,000 to $5,000 and are available in various colors and designs.


A copper roof will age gracefully to a beautiful green, which makes it the perfect pick to cap off a white or grey property. This material is highly recommended for a long-lasting metal roof due to its strength and resistance to rust. In the case of copper, the average cost to install a metal roof is anything from $800 to $1,500 per square.


Zinc is a more cost-effective metal roofing option that can be purchased in a shingle form or a more contemporary standing seam. A square of zinc roofing typically costs between $600 and $1,000.


Lead is easy to work with during installation, has excellent corrosion resistance, and produces a rich, attractive patina. It comes in shingles or panels and is flexible, making it a good choice for roofs with curves or tight spaces. It’s a high-end option, coming in at $1,000 per square or more, but it will last for decades.

Rusted Metal

Installing a rusty metal roof will cost you $9 to $15 per square foot or $900 to $1,500 per square. The trade term Corten Steel has become synonymous with this particular variety of roofs.

Popular because of its naturally aged and earthy appearance, this roofing material has been around for quite some time. Even though it forms a rusty layer of protection, it shouldn’t be used in coastal areas.

Prices by Metal Gauge

The term “gauge” describes the metal’s thickness. Metal with a greater thickness is more robust. Metal costs more for a given thickness.

The thickness of metal roofing panels will range from 29 gauge to 20 gauge. 29 gauge thick sheet is the best choice for residential metal roofing. Steel thicknesses of 26 or 24 gauge are standard for metal roofs. 24 gauge steel is heavier than 26 gauge steel. Hence it will be more expensive by 25% to 40%.

Metal steel panels can be purchased for $2.00 to $5.00 per square foot. Residential metal roofing cost is slightly less than the cost of commercial buildings.


Gauge Price per sq ft
29 $1.75 – $3
26 $1.75 – $4
24 $5 – $7
22 $5 – $9


Exposed vs. Hidden fastener Metal Roofing

The cost and performance of a project are affected by the fastener chosen. It costs between $3.50 and $15 per square foot less to install exposed fasteners on that roof than to use hidden fasteners. 

Corrugated roofs, as indicated above, include exposed fasteners, while standing seam roofs, which range in price from $7 to $30 per square foot, make use of concealed fasteners. However, the maintenance cost increases with exposed fasteners since they rust and loosen over time when exposed to the environment.


The price of sealing a metal roof ranges from $525 to $2,050. Coatings can cost anything from $100 to $250 for a 5-gallon bucket. On average, one hundred square feet can be coated with a single gallon of paint.

An exterior coating serves two purposes: protecting the surface from the environment and giving it a visually appealing hue. Most prevent chalking, or the oxidation to a white haze, from occurring. Some degree of fade resistance is also common among them. This estimate should include the cost of sealing, as it is an essential last step.

Labor Cost to Install a Metal Roof

The Labor cost to install a metal roof depends on the size of the building, metal material, design, roof features, and pitch.

Roofing labor costs can be estimated between $150 and $300 per roof square, or $75 per hour on average. Knowing the present size of your roof allows you to quickly calculate the number of roof squares by simply dividing that amount by 100, as one roof square is equivalent to one hundred square feet in the roofing industry. 

Roofing companies may provide estimates that include labor, materials, and tear-down costs per roof square, while others may only include labor costs. However, our mentioned figure is the cost to install metal roof labor only.

Metal Roof Underlayment Costs

Expenses associated with underlayment will vary with the material selected. It is common practice to use asphalt felt for metal roofing because of the extra noise insulation it provides. Rolls of each type are typically sold with 100-200 square feet of coverage, making bulk purchases simple.


  • The cost per square foot for asphalt felt underlayment is between $0.50 and $0.75.
  • The underlayment of synthetic sheets costs between $0.70 and $0.85 per square foot.
  • Sticky sheets of butyl rubber cost between $0.20 and $0.25 per square foot.

New Metal Roof vs. Replacement Estimate

Although metal roofs last for decades and rarely need to change, nevertheless, poor installation or unexpected weather conditions can damage metal roofs. If you choose a metal roof for your home or office, it’s crucial to note down the cost to install a metal roof or replace it.

  • A new metal roof cost can vary from $3.50 to $30 per square foot, depending on the metal chosen.
  • On the other hand, replacing a metal roof can cost around $1 to $10 sq ft.

Installation by Pitch

The roof repair or replacement cost is typically broken down into three sections: materials, labor, and overhead. The cost of labor to install a roof typically accounts for between a third and a half of the total.

In particular, if the roof is a standard shape without high slopes, you may anticipate that labor for metal roof installation to cost $3,000. Costs for installation might rise to $10,000 or more when premium materials and custom designs are used.

The installation personnel will only be able to complete their work if the roof is too steep for them to walk on. This will increase the time required to finish the task and your final cost. The price of a lower, walkable pitch is lower.

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Pros and Cons of Metal Roof

Like other roofing options, metal roofs have advantages and disadvantages also.


Below are the benefits of metal roofing and why The Trusted Roofer recommends it.

Metal Roofs are Durable, and Long-lasting

Metal is a popular choice among homeowners for roof replacements and brand-new builds. In the long run, a well-maintained roof may protect your home’s contents for up to 70 years and still look new. Also, unlike traditional roofing materials, which typically only have a 20-year warranty, several metal roof manufacturers provide 50-year warranties.

Metal roofs are reliable against the weather in your region because of the material’s sturdiness. This includes wind gusts of 140 miles an hour. The anti-corrosion and crack-proof coating ensure its durability.

Environmental Friendly

Metal roofing is often regarded as the most eco-friendly and long-lasting option on the market today. The roof comprises 25% post-consumer recycled content and may be recycled entirely after its useful life has ended. The production of asphalt roof tiles likewise continues to rely on petroleum, demonstrating the persistence of the fossil fuel economy. 

Their recyclable nature belies the presence of chemicals that are harmful to ecosystems. Metal is far more lightweight than asphalt shingles, allowing more lightweight building materials to be used in residential construction.

Energy Efficient

Because of their reflective qualities, metal roofs can significantly cut annual heating and cooling costs. Because it deflects rather than absorbs solar radiation, it can cut summer cooling expenses by as much as a quarter.

Metal roofing’s insulating properties can help you save cash and keep your home at a pleasant temperature year-round.


Metal roofing comes in such a wide selection of colors and textures that you may choose to draw attention to yourself or your home by blending in. For instance, a unique color like teal blue is striking and visually appealing. Vibrant hues are a current trend in interior and exterior design. Roofing is no longer required to be painted in earth tones. 

Metal roofing is available in various tile and shingle alternatives, so you can get the look you want, whether you want the classic look of clay tiles, the natural beauty of wood, the rugged slate, or the affordability of asphalt shingles.

Natural copper, stainless steel, and titanium are among the colors available, along with vivid blues and fiery reds. Compared to shingles, metal roofing comes in a much more comprehensive range of colors, and homeowners are happy to show off their taste this way. Consider these suggestions if you’re looking for advice on what shade would look best in your house.


Metal roofs don’t attract dirt and don’t support mold, mildew, or moss growth. Roofs made of metal are much simpler to maintain than other materials. Your roof’s lifespan can be cut in half by moss and fungus, and they can make your home less aesthetically pleasing. 

Furthermore, they are not susceptible to wood-eating insects like termites, carpenter ants, and bark beetles. Similar considerations apply to mice and similar-sized animals. They can’t break through a metal roof and make their way inside.

Fire Resistant

Roofing made of metal is not easily ignited. They do not require a fireproof coating that could be washed away with time. Every home is vulnerable to fire, if not from a natural disaster like a wildfire or lightning strike, then from a neighboring structure. A metal roof is fireproof; thus, sparks can’t ignite a fire there.

Furthermore, a metal roof lessens the likelihood of roof collapse in the event of an inside fire. If the roof is made of heavy tiles or shingles, it will almost certainly collapse, and firefighters will often refuse to enter the building. Protect yourself and your loved ones more effectively with metal.


Every roofing material has some drawbacks, and so have metal roofs.


The high initial investment is one disadvantage of metal roofs. Metal roofing materials are typically more expensive, requiring a roofing company with experience installing metal roofs.

High-end metal roofing prices could be 10 times asphalt shingles, but the pricing is still on a level with other premium products. This means that the total cost of the roof may be higher than it would be with some alternative materials and standard tools.

Homeowners will, of course, make back their money. New shingles and repairs could be more costly than with a metal roof. Hire only professionals like The Trusted Roofers to install your metal roof to avoid any problems.

Easily Dented

A strong roof is the first line of defense for a house. Metal roofs typically dent more easily than asphalt shingles. Metal roofing may require more frequent maintenance and repairs, but it still needs higher quality. A specialist must be sent to complete this additional work at your expense.


The sound of rain on a metal roof might be soothing to some. In contrast, this may be a drawback if your tastes run in a different direction. Professional roofers can add extra layers of insulation and sheathing to your metal roof to muffle the sound of rain inside your home. On the downside, this means increased expenditures.

Metal Roofing Maintenance And Cleaning

A metal roof that has been appropriately treated will never need to be resurfaced. It doesn’t matter what you use for a roof; dust and debris will gather over time. Consequently, you should clean the roof’s surface and fix any problems each season using the following metal roof cleaning and maintenance guidelines:


  1. Clear the rooftop of leaves and other debris.
  2. Cleaning out the drains and gutters
  3. Get rid of any low-hanging branches, and make sure nothing is touching them.
  4. Verify that there is no surface debris, dust, or stains.
  5. Examine the panels and the finish to see whether they have been damaged.
  6. Metal Roof Preventative Upkeep
  7. Make sure the panels and seams are in order.
  8. Connectors should be double-checked and adjusted as needed.
  9. Always inspect the flashing to see if it is loose or damaged.
  10. Look for potential leaks near any unusual roof features or penetrations.
  11. Seals should be checked and reapplied as necessary.

Alternatives to Metal Roofs (and why?)

Metal is an excellent material for roofs since it is durable and long-lasting. While clay is a highly-durable roofing material, it still requires continuous care to ensure it can survive hailstones and give superb overall roofing to your home. A metal roof, though, won’t stay forever. Acrylic elastomeric paint with zinc or aluminum can be compromised by moisture over time. In addition, the cost of installing a metal roof could be out of the budget.

Synthetic Tiles

Synthetic roof tiles are an attractive alternative to more conventional materials like slate, shakes, and shingles due to their low initial investment and minimal upkeep requirements. These choices, typically made from rubber and plastic, have a consistent, predictable design that makes them easy to set up. They also come in various hues to suit any design scheme.

Recycled Composite Shingles

These tiles are like their synthetic counterparts, except they are made almost entirely from waste products.

They are sometimes more expensive than the more common asphalt-based alternatives.

Built-up Roofs

Both built-up roofs (BUR) and membrane roofs are available. After more than half a century of widespread adoption, many options to the traditional tar-and-gravel roof are now available for use on low-slope roofs; these include modified membrane systems.

Although these systems are still more common in commercial settings than residences, they have become increasingly popular on low-slope roofs due to price reductions and improved performance.

Should You Install a Metal Roof?

Based on experience, The Trusted Roofer recommends metal roofing. The lifespan is significantly longer than asphalt shingles (15–25 years vs. 50–75 years). The surface’s heat reflection properties in warm climates can help reduce cooling expenses. If they are correctly installed, they will prevent leaks better than shingles.

Moreover, metal roofs are energy-efficient, eco-friendly, fire-resistant, and easy to clean. Although they can cost a lot, it is the best option in the long run.

DIY Metal Roof Cost vs. Hiring Local Roofer

Corrugated metal sheets in the home improvement store may appear manageable, especially when hung next to boxes of fasteners that look like any other hardware you’ve ever used. If you’re not afraid of heights and have experience helping a neighbor, consider installing asphalt shingles. 

It is pretty simple. Nevertheless, when was the last time you ascended an extension ladder while clinging to a massive, sharp-edged metal sail? 

Metal roofing, whether sheet metal, pressed shingles, or standing seam, requires special handling to be correctly installed, trimmed, fastened, and polished to get the desired effect.

Furthermore, most metal roofing manufacturers insist on expert installation to honor their warranties, which is especially important when discussing guarantees of 50 years or more.

Moreover, metal roofing contractors are experts in accomplishing tasks quickly and efficiently.

You can help your contractor or do it yourself if you’re up to the task and have the right skills, equipment, and expertise.

The safety of your family, your peace of mind, and the validity of your guarantee all depend on a properly installed metal roof, so it’s best to leave the job to a trained professional. 

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How Much Does A Metal Roof Cost?

Installing a metal roof costs might range from $3.10 to $29.65, depending on the material chosen. Aluminum, the most affordable metal material, can cost a minimum of $3 per square foot. On the other hand, copper roofs or tin can cost up to $30 per square foot.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Metal Roof?

Metal roofing may have a higher up-front cost than other materials, but its longevity more than makes up for it. Almost any aesthetic goal a homeowner may have can be realized with this type of roof, depending on the materials used and how they are built. The national average cost of a metal roof is $9,960.

How Much Does It Cost To Put A Metal Roof On A 2000sq Ft House?

Because there is no one-to-one correlation between interior square footage and roof size, a 2,000-square-foot house could have a roof of many different sizes. However, the average price to install metal roofing on a 2,000-square-foot house is between $18,000 and $30,000.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Metal Roof?

The metal roof usually lasts for decades. The average metal roof life span is about 30 to 50 years, and homeowners rarely need to replace it. However, you may need to replace it in case of leakage, visible rust, or loose metal panels. Metal roof replacement cost is around $1 to $10 per square foot, depending on your chosen material and style. Looking to hire a professional contractor? Contact us today. Our team will revert back to you asap and resolve your issues within 24 hours!
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