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Owens Corning

The construction industry is ever-growing, and there is hardly any drag on the operations. However, the quality of products used in construction plays an essential role in ensuring the durability and sturdiness of buildings and homes. That said, Owens Corning is a reliable name in the construction industry as they focus on material innovation to create a sustainable future.

If you are also looking for Owens Corning shingles or want to upgrade your home’s roofing, The Trusted Roofer has got you covered!

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What’s an Owens Corning?

Owens Corning is the world’s largest manufacturing company. The company manufactures high-quality shingles and is based in America. Owens Corning shingles are designed with composite materials and top-notch insulation to ensure no compromises on energy-saving and comfort of homeowners.

However, getting your hands on Owens Corning roof shingles can be challenging, which is why The Trusted Roofer is here to help. They have an exceptional reputation with decades of shingle installation experience. Having said that, if you are looking for Owens Corning shingles or want to upgrade your home’s roofing, The Trusted Roofer has got you covered! 

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National average cost $7,875
Average range $5,250 – $10,500
Minimum cost $5,250
Maximum cost $12,270

Owens Corning Shingles Pros 

Owens Corning has been the most popular shingle service in the US, but the installation has always been challenging. For this reason, The Trusted Roofers. In addition, some factors have helped their growth, such as:

Total Protection Roofing Solutions

When it comes down to roofs, they are more than shingles because the material directly impacts the performance. For this purpose, the materials are sourced from trusted vendors. This ensures that every roof component is curated to create seamless roofing solutions.

The products offer long-lasting protection and easy maintenance. Also, the polymer technology in the shingles promises maintenance-free usage and long-term aesthetics. 

Wide Range Of Shingles 

Owens Corning Shingles has a diverse product range, so there is something for everyone, including premium and affordable ranges. For this reason, the shingles are suitable for homeowners and contractors. There are multiple design options and materials to choose from.


Owens Corning offers a warranty on all its shingles products. So, if you’ve not received the product as per your expectation or the product is damaged or broken, you can easily exchange it. Not only shingles. But all the products have a standard product limited warranty and a platinum protection system warranty.

Owens Corning Shingles Cons 

Here are some cons of Owens Corning Shingles:

Variations In Colors 

The roofing systems are top-notch and enough to accentuate a home’s aesthetics. However, many people have complained that the advertised color and actual shingles are different. So, if color is an important consideration, you must check the shingles in person to ensure the colors are according to your choice. 

Sealing Issues 

If leaves surround you, you’ve to ensure that the roofer utilizes an adhesive or some heat to ensure the shingles are adequately sealed. In addition, they can only be installed under direct sunlight to ensure they seal well and dry. 

Overview Of Owens Corning Shingles Products 

Owens Corning (OC) is a huge service when it comes down to roofing shingles. The company ensures high-quality shingles products. They promise the utmost protection from foreign elements, given the easy installation options. The shingles are designed with polymer technology and a SureNail technology system that promises no maintenance yet appealing installation.

Some of the shingle options include;

  • Preferred contractors 
  • OC platinum-approved contractors 
  • Seal, protect, and breathe category 
  • Standard product limited warranty 

An OC-certified contractors program is available that promises professional work and shows the customers that the contractors are trained. The OC contractors are trained with various resources, promising higher safety and productivity. In addition, certified contractors promise extra warranties on the OC products.

In addition, the products are a great way of controlling air temperature. Some other features of the shingles products include;

SureNail Technology 

The Owens Corning insulation options are designed with a SureNail technology system that promises durability and strength for every shingle. This patented technology offers wind resistance to winds with over 130MPH speed. 

The shingles have a woven-fabric string that’s embedded into the shingle to create a nailing zone. The adhesive power is exceptional, and the triple-layer protection creates a 200% wider area, promising higher strength. 

Long-Lasting Performance 

It’s common for shingles to fly away with strong winds, but you don’t have to worry about losing the roofing system. 

These shingles will stay on the roof even if they are installed with one nail. In addition, the Owens Corning service ensures that the adhesives and nails are put in place properly, promising long-lasting installation and zero flyaways. 

Appealing Design 

When installed properly, the shingles look clean and crisp to the roofline, and the OC-certified contractors usually ensure precise installation. It’s a great way of improving and upgrading the appearance of your place. In addition, the shingles are energy-efficient and help reduce cooling and heating bills. 

Exceptional Warranty 

When it comes down to investing in roofing solutions, the reliability of Owens Corning is indicated by how they stand by the products they sell. Owens Corning offers exceptional warranties that promise peace of mind. To begin with, you can get a limited lifetime warranty and 130MPH wind resistance. In addition, it promises resistance to algae and mold. 


The shingles are designed with a premium and high-end appearance. In addition, they are available at a reasonable price. The shingles are formulated to offer the best colors. Various shows and granule colors are available that help upgrade the homes’ aesthetics and appearance. 

What everyone loves about The Trusted Roofer is the warranties from Owens Corning because they promise durability.

The Trusted Roofer provides an additional guarantee on the quality of installation. However, some varieties have 25 years of limited warranty. On the premium shingles, the company offers a wind warranty of more than 110MPH. 

Owens Corning Shingles Cost: Materials & Installation 

Owens Corning shingles cost is of great interest to people who need new shingles or roofing solutions for their homes. OC shingle cost ranges from $75 to $225 per square, depending on the quality and premium of the shingles. However, the cost of installation varies from $300 to 340 per square.

However, The Trusted Roofer is always working on providing the most cost-effective shingle roofing.

What Do The Trusted Roofers Think About Owens Corning Shingles?

Getting your hands on a new roofing system is a huge decision, be it monetarily or otherwise. Every client looks for long-lasting and top-notch reach materials that promise years-long protection. 

For this reason, people look for OC roofing. As per the roofers’ feedback, the product delivers strong defense from the natural elements, like strong winds and thunderstorms.

Also, the roofers find it easy to install. Installation service works on the attic ventilation feature, which allows airflow through the shingles, which helps prevent moisture and mold buildup.

When Owens Corning Is The Right Choice For Your Home?

Over the years, Owens Corning has managed to gain thousands of positive reviews. These shingles are an excellent choice for people who want visually appealing as well as durable roofing solutions. 

But is this shingle the right choice for your home? Let’s check it below:


If you live in an area with frequent rainfalls, the shingles are a reliable choice because they let the rainfall run down to the ground. This is because the shingles have steep slopes so that the rainwater won’t pool on the roof. 


The shingles are strong and durable, but the best thing is that they are low maintenance. It means that the upkeep is relatively low, and they are resistant to wear and tear (you can even walk on them, and they won’t break). 


The shingles are incredibly affordable and are available at different pricing points, so there is something for every price range. In simpler words, there is a diverse range of shingles available at different prices so that a diverse consumer base can depend on them! 

Having said that, if you are ready to upgrade your home’s roofing, The Trusted Roofer has got you covered with the most reliable and high-quality shingles. So, get in touch with us today and leave your roofing to us!

Owens Corning FAQs

Here are some FAQs about Owens Corning:

Is Owens Corning The Best Shingle?

Yes, Owens Corning is the best brand for people looking for reliable, durable, and visually appealing shingles. In addition, there are a different color and material options available. 

Is Owens Corning Better Than Gaf?

No, GAF is better for people who need higher hail and wind protection. On the other hand, if you want more color options and warranties, Owens Corning is a better choice. 

How Long Do Owens Corning Shingles Last?

These shingles can last for 30 to 50 years, depending on how the shingles are maintained and cared for. 

Does Owens Corning Make A 50-Year Shingle?

Yes, there are some varieties available with a 50-year lifetime. 

Do Owens Corning Shingles Qualify For The Tax Credit?

If you are a homeowner, you can claim a credit of over 10% for $500 of purchase if the shingle product qualifies. This doesn’t include the installation or labor costs. The credit has a $ 500-lifetime limitation. 

Are Owens Corning Shingles Energy-Star Rated?

Yes, the Owens Corning shingles are energy-star rated. This means that the shingles can help keep the internal temperature in control, which helps reduce the cooling and heating bills. In addition, the longer warranty times of these shingles promise higher value for money. 

Want to hire a professional contractor to install Owens Corning Shingles? Reach out to us. We’ll make sure your job is done as safely and as per your requirements. 

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